On the Dinner Table @ Casa d’Amado

2 Jul

Grilled Shark Steak

Grilled Shark Steak basted with Chardonnay dressed in chives and served with a grilled buttered garlic rohlik

Don’t let the dish fool you. I still kept it simple.

Shark is one of the best fish you can share with a 2 yr old as it is cartilaginous and contains no hazardous bones that could get lodged in the throat. The method of prep is really simple… salt, pepper, olive oil and baste with a South Moravian Chardonnay while grilling. Dress with chopped chives and serve.

Rohlik is a popular cigar shaped roll that is a staple in the Czech Republic. I split the rohlik lengthwise, brushed with garlic-butter, crisped on the grill, and then dusted with grated parmigiano reggiano.

I paired dish with the same Chardonnay used to baste the fish. The wine had a very bright and fruity start with buttery tones and a hint of nettles with an astringency that finished on the top of the tongue and not the back of the mouth which accentuated the floral and pastoral characteristics of the wine. The wine, while paired successfully with the shark, would probably be better served with roasted cornish hens. Next time I would probably go with a Pinot Gris when serving grilled shark.


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