On Saturday’s Lunch Table @ Casa d’ Amado: Walnut crusted Mahi on salad w/ citrus ginger vinaigrette and mandarin orange avocado salsa

28 Jan

IMG 0209

I look forward to the weekends when Petra & I have the house all to ourselves and I can have free and total reign of the kitchen. We still had some Mahi portions in the freezer and plenty of hand picked walnuts from grandma’s garden, and this season we’ve been blessed with splendidly sweet mandarin oranges. So today for lunch I decided to do walnut crusted Mahi. This time around, I chose to serve it up on a bed of crisp Romain tossed with cukes, red bell peppers, dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes, and cinnamon cayenne candied walnuts all dressed with a citrus ginger vinaigrette. For added richness I also served up a mandarin orange avocado salsa.

  • First I marinaded the Mahi portions in an emulsion of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, and herbs and let them sit in the fridge while I continued with the rest of the prep.
  • Prepared the avocado salsa with diced cherry tomatoes, diced red onions, fresh squeezed mandarin orange juice and lemon juice, chopped flat leaf parsley, salt & pepper to taste.
  • Candied some walnuts with sugar, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.
  • Chopped some walnuts for the crust and blended them with seasoned bread crumbs.
  • Portioned the salad components.
  • Prepared the vinaigrette by emulsifying ginger, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, herbs, salt, pepper, & sugar to taste.

IMG 0203IMG 0206IMG 0204IMG 0205

With all the cold prep out done, I coated the Mahi portions with the walnut breading and seared them on a hot pan with clarified butter. Plated the salad and topped with the Mahi…

IMG 0208


Paired with a Lychee spritzer


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