Saturday Cookout @ Casa d’Amado: Grilled Marinated Chicken Skewers and grilled Corn in husk

17 Aug


Sunny 25C Saturday perfect for a cookout featuring grilled chicken skewers and grilled corn. 

Marinade:  I emulsified a small onion, a couple of garlic cloves, thyme, sweet paprika powder, curry powder, salt, crushed black pepper, lime juice, & olive oil.

I let the chicken bits sit in the marinade for a couple of hours.  Other good stuff for the skewers included yellow unions, red peppers, mushrooms, and Csabai.  Many of my friends back home love to cook with Chorizo, but I prefer my favorite Hungarian sausage the Csabai. When mounting everything on the skewers, I made sure that the chicken was nestled tightly between a slice of Csabai and a piece of onion or pepper.  The corn, I just tossed it onto the grill husk and all.  While gilling the skewers, I occasionally basted them with a freshly squeezed lime.  Paired it all with a good beer (I recommend a non pasteurized Czech Beer).


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